Violin Literature

“Revisto e corretto da me”


I found this old quote in a book about Stradavari I read. Someone had worked on the masters violin and labeled the repair this way after narrowing the ribs. I’m not sure what this label says is always the best course of action. We have to be good enough to know what the maker was envisioning at the time of it’s creation. What a slippery slope this is.

Violin Repair

An Old Mystery

front laying down

I have acquired an older instrument that needs some help. It looks and feels like it was played some in the past. I see no label and decide to open her up. I think maybe there is a surprise waiting inside this beauty. I talk to an old friend and he talks me into fixing and improving this violin. What made me open her up in the first place is there are some old cracks that have been superficially repaired and also the ribs have some de-lamination in the back bottom block. Once I take the back off I see there really are no corner blocks. So I will see what I can do to tighten things up and strengthen this violin while not affecting the sound too much.

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